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Come join us at the Community Pool in Nolensville.  We have fun all summer long!  The pool is a great place to connect with your neighbors.  The Community pool has a deep end with a diving board, and lifeguards are always on duty.  We have tennis, tetherball, and some days we have games for the kids.  We also host parties and have late night events.  There are tables for eating, lounge chairs for lounging, and we serve ice cream all day long.

Members may book the pool for private parties.  These may occur during regular hours or after hours.  We welcome kids’ birthday parties, church/business events, and grownup parties.  Contact the pool chairman to book a party.

Location: The pool is located in the Greystone neighborhood, on Bluegrass Road between Stonebrook Blvd. and Oak Creek Dr.  The address is 1411 Bluegrass Road.


Pool Policies:

For prices, see the “Payment” link at the top right

Send Payment to:  Greystone HOA c/o Yvonne Hall, PO Box 7, Nolensville TN, 37135   or choose Online Payment

You may pay by installments, as long as the last installment is received before the pool opens. Please contact a pool member for more information about installments.

Hours: The pool hours are normally Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 12pm-8pm, Extended Swim until 10 pm Fridays in June—1st and 3rd Fridays for families, and 2nd and 4th Fridays for teens (ages 13-19 only). Hours are subject to changes due to weather, member requests, or special classes (such as swimming lessons or aerobics).  Because we are NOT tied to a contract with a pool management company, we can change the hours on an ad-hoc basis.  Contact a board member if you have a special request for different hours.  The current pool hours are posted on a sign near the entrance.

Visitor Policy: Pool members may bring visitors to the pool at no cost. Only one visitor is allowed per family member (ex. 4 family members can bring 4 guests). For visiting groups larger than 5, members need to have prior approval from a HOA Board Member. No Nolensville-area resident will be allowed to visit the pool more than 3 times during the season (regardless of who they come with).  All members may bring out-of-town family (grandchildren/grandparents, cousins, etc) an unlimited number of times.  All visitor policies are subject to the discretion of the pool staff and/or HOA volunteers. All visitors will be asked to fill out a visitor form the first time they come to the pool.

Parties: During regular pool hours, a party may be booked by a member starting at $50. This allows up to 10 non-members (and unlimited members) to visit the pool for 2 hours.  We can provide a table for serving food.  There are 4 additional tables that each seat 4-6 people for eating.  Please tell us how many people you expect so we can be sure to have adequate lifeguards.  Private parties may be booked in the evening starting at $100.  The party starts at 8pm and ends at 10pm and cannot be booked during scheduled late-night swim nights. We will provide  at least 2 lifeguards during nighttime parties.  Non-members can reserve the pool for a party after hours only for twice the member rate, plus a refundable $100 deposit. Night-time parties are a lot of fun with the lit pool!  To reserve a party, please email

ID policy: Like last year, members will sign in at the desk and be checked against a member list.  Please be prepared to show a photo ID if asked during the first few weeks.

Changes to teen policy: All teens must write an adult’s contact phone number on the sign-in sheet, and this number will be checked and must reach an adult. As before, children 12 and over or those who have completed the 6th grade may visit the pool without an adult. Children under 12 must be accompanied by someone over 16.

Swim Lessons: Cannon Mayes, a resident of our neighborhood, is offering swim lessons. Check out his website at to find out more information about swimming lessons. You may also reach Cannon at

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

We observe a “break” for children during the last 10 minutes of every hour.  This helps ensure that no young children become exhausted by continuous swimming.  During this time, the adults can swim while anyone under 18 must get out of the pool. This is a nice time for adults to do a few laps.

The shallow end starts at 3′ deep, the deep end is 10′.  There are walk-in stairs at each corner of the shallow end, and ladders on each side of the deep end.  There are about 50 lounge chairs available, plus 20 or so chairs and tables.  The pool volume is approximately 125,000 gallons.

On special event days (July 4th) you must get there early to have a table or chair. On most days, however, you won’t have any problem at all.  The pool is very busy for the first 2-3 weeks, but by late summer you will occasionally find the opportunity to be the only family at the pool.

The Greystone neighborhood does not have a mandatory HOA fee, so the pool is funded by those who choose to join the pool.   The pool operating budget is about $40,000 per season.  This covers lifeguards, utilities, chemicals, and repairs.  The pool is operated by volunteers; the only paid staff are the lifeguards.  The pool is run without profit.  For a price comparison, you can see the prices for the Millview pool on Arno road:

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