Want to Make a Difference at the Pool?


Now seeking nominees for the following 2017 HOA Board positions:*

  • President—(incumbent Jennifer Cole)
  • Vice President/President Elect–(vacant position)
  • Secretary—(vacant position) Basic computer skills, social media, and marketing skills needed
  • Treasurer—(vacant position) Basic bookkeeping skills needed

Also seeking nominees for the following position that will be appointed by majority vote of 2017 HOA Board:*

  • Pool Chairperson (vacant position)

 Save the Date! HOA Election: 

Tuesday, October 11th TBA

*Board members do NOT need to live in the Greystone/Stonebrook subdivision. Please verify that someone is willing to accept the nomination before sending that person’s name; self-nomination is also strongly encouraged. Please send nominations to info@greystonenolensville.com.

Greystone/Stonebrook Community Pool of Nolensville offers everyone an opportunity to join our pool, regardless of where you live. With membership options for singles, senior couples, two-person families, and 3+ families, the only community pool in Nolensville with a diving board offers a family-friendly environment for a fun summer for all ages. Take advantage of our affordable options for after-hour parties and events.


Greystone HOA Contact Info



Greystone HOA
PO Box 7
Nolensville, TN 37135

Monday, September 5 (Labor Day) is the last day of the 2017 pool season. As a reminder, ice cream credits cannot be refunded or rolled over to the next year. We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer at the pool!



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